I purchased my 1st.pair glasses9/15/17 they fit big so I called Zenni told them I thought the arms were bent they sent me new frame that wasn't problem I just needed them adjusted.Last summer I splashed cleaner on lenses and it damaged the progressive lenses. I ordered new glasses 1/18/19 I couldn't see any thing I sent them back ordered new pair2/25/19 #1668429980 still couldn't see I learned I was entering prescription wrong not using the + and - on sphere.

I ordered again 3/12/19 #1745663965 I could see fine but I had a headache for weeks finally learned the glasses are to heavy on my nose bridge. I have been wearing my original spotted glasses since I know the frames fit I would like to send the frames back to Zennis and pay for a new prescription. Please and Thank You Linda Johnson. The customer service dept.

Calvin said this is my only option it's up to you guy's. Like

Reason of review: Good customer service.

Zenni Optical Pros: Prices.

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