Nothing - I want to tell you about the excellent service I get from Zenni - 12 pair and counting and they have no control over the USPS or over riding it. You need to give them your exact address including the dash and last 4 numbers of the zio code otherwise, the USPS can reroute it. And for the one that says they get reflections from the edges, did you add polishing edges? It's a couple dollars more. All the extras are on the site. You need to know what you need before ordering. I've worn glasses since age 3 and now 61 so I know what to askk and do. My prescription is a -10 with bifocals!!! I have glasses that are leopard, zebra, red, blue, green and a host of others and with a script as high as mine - a simple miscalculation could throw off my vision. I went to WalMart to get my prescription. When I asked them for the PD the Dr. there asked why. I told him I was going to get my glasses from Zenni and he got angry and told me they could never get my prescription right and I needed to get them from him. Newsflash - all 12 pair are perfect. How did I find out about Zenni? Clark Howard endorses them all the time. You have to know what you need. You can go to an optical store and pay 10 times more just for them to hold your hand and tell you that you look good but if you do a bit of research on what you need, this is a killer place for glasses. My normal cost anywhere else is about $450 a pair. At Zenni - $20-$40 and that's because my lenses are $9.95 higher due to the high prescription.

Go for it. I even bought XMas glasses! If you have a normal prescription, they sould have been $9.95 with the lenses included. I paid $19.95. If you have kids, their frames with lenses included start at $6.95 and if you have kids in sports, you can get titanium framed for $60. About $500 elsewhere.

So, look over the sight, make sure you ask for what you need like the polished edges or transition lenses, or color or any of the other options they offer and have the best experience you can have. All 12 pair of my glasses didn't cost what 1 pair cost me elsewhere!!!!! I love these guys! And, inclosing, I ordered a kool multicolored pair and the next day I got an email from them telling me that my lenses would not work (I told you I wear cokebottles :)) and they suggested another frame but had already put the refund back on my card. How is this bad - and speaking of coke bottles - they have many options for different types of glass like high density etc. so the lenses won't be so thick or heave. Have questions, ask them. They answer almost immediately.

OK - all done. I hope you try them, they are incredible!!!

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