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I ordered twice from these folks. The first time I made an error inputting my prescription data so I ordered another pair thinking I would use the frames when the second pair wore.

Got my nice new glasses for $8., $12.95 including shipping. Everything was fine until I got dizzy and noticed that the entire edge of the lenses was not dulled or otherwise treated to prevent reflections.

SO all around the edge there is a mirror that reflects from every direction hemispherically in front of you, back into your eye. It is an imperfect mirror edge so there are kaleidoscopic fringes that make it a bright colorful LSD like light show from the rim to your eye.

After a while your eyes will hurt.

If you do not wear them, they are GREAT!!

Since both pairs are the same and ordered months apart, there has been no accidental omission in their process. They did say they would refund or fix if it was an error in their process.

Zenni will refund 50 percent of your purchase price not including shipping, no questions asked. They are fair folks, Just a bad product.

For my original purchase, I would pay something in the vicinity of $2.50 postage to get an $4 refund. Hence my second order.

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I have 2 pair from Zenni, one Progressive and one just for reading. Both have Anti-Reflective coating.

Neither of these have any reflections around the edges but I do know what your talking about as I have another pair from another online vendor that produces colorful reflections around the edges. They are all the same type frame and very similar so I'm unsure why one pair produces them and the others done but I don't.


Such unwanted reflection are nasty indeed Yet they can be prevented quite easily. Unfortunately, almost all online glasses retailers believe customers like the 'bling' effect of shiny edges. That is why they all polish them. It looks neat to other people, but for the wearer - not so pleasant.

I have only found one online eye wear retailer which offers customers the choice upon ordering their glasses. will let the customer decided if they want their edges dulled or shiny.


I'm wearing one of my many pairs of glasses I have from Zenni. My lenses are progressives and I do get the anti- glare coating.

I have never had any issues with them. My family will never go to a local place again.